Refer a Friend Program

We believe in the power of networking and the value of personal recommendations. By participating in the Refer a Friend program, visitors to our career site not only contribute to our talent acquisition efforts but also stand to benefit from the rewards and recognition offered. We encourage visitors to our career site to refer qualified candidates for open positions  and get rewarded them for successful referrals.

Program Details


All visitors to our career site are eligible to participate in the Refer a Friend program.

Referral Process
  • Visitors can refer friends, acquaintances, or professional contacts by submitting their resumes to the designated email id on our career site.
  • The referred candidate must not already exist in our company’s resume database.
  • Referrals should match the skills and qualifications required for open positions within the company.
  • Upon successful referral and subsequent hiring of the candidate, the referrer will be eligible for a referral bonus.
  • The referral bonus amount will be determined based on the level of the position and the criticality of the role.
  • The exact bonus structure will be communicated separately.
Tracking and Communication
  • A tracking system is implemented to monitor referrals and the status of each referral.
  • Regular updates will be provided to referrers regarding the progress of their referrals.




Quality over Quantity

We encourage referrers to recommend candidates who are genuinely qualified and suitable for the positions.


We ensure that sensitive information about candidates and the recruitment process is handled with utmost confidentiality.

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